Vacancy – Web Developer

Position brief

We are embarking on a journey of developing a set of new innovative products in the offline documentation verification domain. To achieve our goals we are looking for skilled candidates with a positive attitude to join us on this adventure.

Please note that because of regulatory reasons this position is only available for candidates who are permanent South African residents.

TrueVolve has been proudly working 100% remotely since 2019 (before it was normal) and we intend to stay that way. If you have not worked from home on a permanent basis before, you should take a moment to think about the implications before applying. Very long video calls, screen sharing during pair programming and sometimes working by yourself should not be things that bother you. We make every effort to try and keep team dynamics flowing by having daily standup meetings and 6 monthly get-togethers, but we have learned that this type of working is not for everybody.

Right now, we are looking for a web developer experienced in using the Angular framework and related web technologies. Our immediate need is to build web applications targeting mobile platforms. But it is important to understand that we also have projects running in the IoT and RFID domains so knowledge of these types of technologies would be useful.

Several of our projects deal with the document world and therefore a good understanding of PDF, barcodes and image formats will be extremely advantageous.

Since we are a small company working on a variety of projects, we are looking for candidates who are flexible and constantly willing to learn and to dive into technologies they are not familiar with. Preferably someone with a formal qualification in either Computer Science or Engineering but we are open-minded about other backgrounds as well.

Experience in the following technologies would be advantageous

  • Continuous integration techniques (we use bitbucket pipelines)
  • Typescript and Nodejs backend development
  • Angular
  • Golang development
  • IONIC / Capacitor
  • KonvaJS framework
  • Database skills
  • AWS or GCP management
  • A knack for making good UX choices
  • Good writing skills
  • A sincere lack of arrogance and bad manners

Screening test

Do you think you are up for the challenge? Then complete this screening test and we will get back to you.

The text provided below is a base64 encoded SHA-1 hash of a secret email address. The hash is determined by computing sha1(

Use the hash below and find the value of the 6 characters “secret”. Once you have the secret, send us an email by prepending the secret you uncovered to ‘’.

This email address has the form [secret_string], where the secret string has a length of exactly 6 characters, all lowercase. Figure out what the secret string is and send your CV to the email address you discovered.


For example, if the secret string was ‘hallo’: => S6SmWW+xZPW2TzBvWWhCRacu+WQ=

Good luck!