DigSig Decoding and verification SDK

Several countries worldwide are now utilising the power of ISO/IEC 20248 DigSig to protect their high integrity documents. DigSigs are being used to safeguard number plates, Wind Shield Labels (WSL) for motor vehicles, Head Lamp Tags (HLT) for motorcycles, and many other electronic vehicle identification industry solutions.

TrueVolve Technologies has been intimately involved in designing, developing, and implementing these technologies in several countries. We are making a set of Software Development Kits (SDKs) available which will enable developers in these countries to reap the benefits of this technology.

The IDOffline SDK is an ISO/IEC 20248 DigSig decoding and verification library which will enable third-party OEM developers to decode and verify DigSigs completely offline. This can potentially be very useful in the security industry in access control, e-tolling, and gate automation.

DigSig Barcode decoding

Reading UHF RFID Wind Shield Labels and decoding them using IDOffline decoder.

By including our SDK into your existing application, you will be able to automatically extract, verify, and capture vehicle information where previously it was not possible to do so.

Learn more about DigSigs in The Philippines

What this SDK includes


Android native libraries containing our DigSig decoding software


Android Java/Kotlin examples on how to decode DigSigs already captured


Examples of how to render information extracted from a DigSig

We can also provide you with software and expertise on building your solution for reading WSL RFID tags and integrating them with this library.

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Platform SDK Description
Android Java / Kotlin Documented Java wrapper
Sample code
Automatically loads native code to decode
Linux X86_64 Documented C interface and pre-built libraries COMING SOON
DigSig Decoding and verification server
Linux Arm5 / 7 Documented C interface and prebuilt libraries COMING SOON
DigSig Decoding and verification server for ARM
Windows Documented C interface and prebuilt libraries COMING SOON
C# bindings